Rallying Cry

If you’re going to lead the troops into battle, you better have something for them to rally behind.

The Conservative leadership debate that took place at the Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa on Friday was supposed to give us a better idea as to who the candidates are and the positions they hold.

It did that to a degree, by giving each of the 14 on stage a bit more time to talk. But what it didn’t do was provide a firmer sense of why they’re even running for the job in the first place.

Most of them haven’t harnessed a rallying cry. This has been a problem since day one. And no debate format is going to help them showcase something they don’t have.

Prospective political leaders should primarily be assessed for their ability to do two things: win and lead.

This at first sounds like such a no brainer that it’s pointless to mention it. Until you consider just how few of these candidates have even one of these skills, let alone both.

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