Doctors, insurance companies, pro-choice advocates, and even one Republican are appalled by abortion legislation that Florida state Rep. Erin Grall (R) has proposed to allow a woman to sue for psychological problems associated with the procedure.

“This is bigger than the abortion issue, ladies and gentleman. This is a malpractice bill that indicts the current system,” insurance lobbyist Mark Delegal told the state House Civil Justice Subcommittee.

A post on the Florida Planned Parenthood Alliance’s Facebook page branded the legislation as “a blatant attempt to intimidate and shutter safe and law-abiding abortion providers.”

House Bill 19 would allow women to sue abortion providers for emotional distress up to 10 years after they receive an abortion.

The legislation moved out of the state House subcommittee on a 10-6 vote on Feb. 9.

Erin Foster, a Tampa woman who received an abortion years ago and now is a pro-choice advocate, testified before the subcommittee that Grall’s legislation was another law produced by politicians who don’t trust women to make their own choices.

Even though Foster said her family considered it to be the “ultimate sin,” she does not regret having an abortion.

“I would mostly regret if my representatives failed to trust more than half of their constituency, which is women, to make these decisions for themselves,” Foster said.

But Grall said her bill protects women who might not develop signs of psychological trauma until years after the abortion.

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