Preacher Slammed

The prattling prelate's hollow contribution is so typical of the dishonesty that grips progressives.
The prattling prelate’s hollow contribution is so typical of the dishonesty that grips progressives.

THE metropolitan elite likes to claim that mass immigration is an engine of social progress, bringing vibrancy to our culture and prosperity to our economy. In reality, the vast annual foreign influx achieves the opposite.

Profoundly reactionary in its consequences, this demographic revolution has weakened solidarity, worsened living standards, and intensified pressure on our public services. As cohesion frays, our once gentle, well-ordered society is awash with violent crime and poisonous identity politics.

A classic example of liberal doublethink on immigration came yesterday from Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. In a newspaper article, he trumpeted the need for a “generous” border policy.

“Welcoming strangers to our country and integrating them is important,” he declared, adding stridently that “we must never crush the new diversity”.

The prattling prelate has certainly had his wish in recent years.

“Generous” might be one word for the Government’s approach to immigration.

“Criminally lax” and “institutionalised suicide” might well be others.

Last week, latest figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed that 578,000 migrants settled here in the year to September 2017.

Having called for generosity on immigration, Welby then descended into a catalogue of woe about the problems of modern Britain, including the crisis in the NHS, the lack of “proper homes”, and education “cuts”.


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