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Why don’t the stories say: “President Trump Faithfully Executes Affordable Care Act”?

It’s ironic. Notwithstanding the many outrageous, mendacious things the president says and tweets, the press is aghast that his “fake news” tropes against mainstream-media stalwarts resonate with much of the country. Well, if you want to know why, this latest Obamacare coverage is why. What Trump has actually done is end the illegal payoffs without which insurance companies have no rational choice but to jack up premiums or flee the Obamacare exchanges. The culprits here are the charlatans who gave us Obamacare. To portray Trump as the bad guy is not merely fake news. It’s an out-and-out lie.

Under the Constitution, no funds may be paid out of the treasury unless they have been appropriated by Congress. It is not enough for lawmakers to authorize a government program or action. The House and Senate must follow through with a statute that directs payment for the program or action. Standing alone, authorization is just aspiration; it does not imply appropriation. Congress authorizes a lot of things, but only the things for which Congress approves the disbursal of public money are permitted to happen.

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Speaking of health care, I ended up in emerg twice last week as a result of experiencing 2 kidney stones. Feeling much better today and catching up with the news.

The US and Canadian media constantly over react to anything Trump does. Now they and democrats are complaining because his latest EO cancels one of Obama’s EO’s that was illegal. Crazy!