“Politically Correct” Subterfuge

For a very long time I have avoided writing my own columns, not that I can’t, rather because my world view is far different than most of what folks get to read in a very biased Canadian media.

My background is policing. Specifically, writing unbiased police reports, heavy on facts and very light on my own personal opinions. When I did have a personal opinion to express I wrote a separate letter to the Crown in the brief I prepared for them and kept my thoughts private, between myself and whoever read the brief. Most times authorities never argued with me and that was throughout a very long career (to long some might think).

Now I am retired and free to say what I think which brings me to to today’s topic.

Watching the ongoing debacle being perpetrated by the political left by “in the tank” media and politicians trying to polish a turd, lies in every respect, I cannot help but think that they all want an honest to god shooting war between themselves and folks not afraid to pick up a gun and defend our country in the same way that our forefathers and those still serving have.

From my perspective the entire situation can go in only one direction, from bad to worse, unless voters get a handle on it and end it. That won’t happen unless voters get up off their butts and start to educate themselves. Reading the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail is not helpful in that regard because they pander continual nonsensical viewpoints day in and day out. They even slant what should be normal news as “opinion” and nobody ever calls them on it.

That must change and can change if voters go after their advertising revenue which keeps them in business.

Today I was talking to a friend and she pointed out that she wasn’t seeing enough news about our medical situation, a problem which confronts all seniors. I replied that the problem was much larger than she (or most readers) are aware and it has to do with that “baby boom” that started at the end of WW2. Only now is Canada confronting that statistical fact at the “back end” and we find that as the baby boomers retire we are aborting our next generations because it’s politically correct to do so and instead importing folks from foreign countries, many not well educated and able to take part in a high tech workforce. Rather, they go on the dole and strain our limited resources past the point where we can accommodate them.

As my friend pointed out, “Why aren’t we taking care of our own first?” and the simple truth is we can’t because the politicians now elected don’t want that. They have other things in mind.

Things that will bankrupt this country if they are permitted to continue getting their way and they will unless there is an open voter revolt.

Finally, “here’s the thing” and I’ve said it many times over the years. Canada is filthy rich in natural resources and yet the only way the “progressive left” appear to know what to do to raise funding for their pet projects, feather their nests and accommodate our largely illiterate newcomers is to raise taxes. That is because Toronto rules and most of these political nitwits know nothing outside the city they live in. They’ve never experienced the north, they’ve never participated in anything other than the tiny bubbles they live in and yet “here they are”, setting the political agenda for an entire country because they have the votes.

I find it all very upsetting but it is what it is and therefore the reasons why I support Donald Trump and his agenda. I can’t see Canada changing it’s ways willingly but “unwillingly” suits me just fine. I love my country and there is no way I will sit still while a life inexperienced illiterate runs it into the ground.

No way in hell will I stand for that.

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  1. You are a columnist and a poet all in one neat package, Jack. Bravo. Oh, you’re also bang on target as well. Bombs away.


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