POLAND has lodged an official complaint with the European Union over the NHS’ targeted operation to lure doctors away from Eastern Europe, express.co.uk can reveal today

Warsaw said Britain’s use of specialised recruitment agencies in the region was “alarming” and called on eurocrats to draw up new laws which would ban the practice.

Health minister Konstanty Radziwill said he was dismayed by the “deepening” shortfall of qualified doctors and nurses facing his country, which was down to “increased recruitment” in Western Europe.

His remarks came after the NHS set up a programme to lure Polish doctors away from their homelands by offering bumper £90,000 salaries and practical help with the move to the UK.


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I admit I have no idea what this discovery is all about but I equated it to computer security because I don’t know how anyone can hack something they can’t intercept but in all things “computer” I keep my options open.

I give the discovery about six months before someone manages to intercept it if (big “if”) it becomes an internet “security” gate.