Researchers find crosswinds and cooler coastal conditions form a protective barrier.

Ex-army medic injured in training mishap ‘dumbfounded’ by military’s refusal to launch inquiry.

Trudeau has been anointed the global standard-bearer for ‘progressivism.’ That’s just bizarre.

The NDP seem to believe that if squeezing the golden goose can make it produce a few more eggs, then running it over with a truck will produce an unlimited supply.

He won because of the electorate’s intense desire for change. If he can satisfy that desire, he’ll keep winning going forward.

Hillary Clinton’s New York Hometown Is Still Despondent Over Her Loss.

In 2008, a majority of Americans fell for the “hope and change” message and its messenger.

Professor who predicted Brexit and Trump claims European Union will CEASE TO EXIST in 2017.

Don’t want to go deaf? Have a pint of Guinness each day.

Dozens of anonymous whistleblowers whose evidence helped expose the Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham schools have been told their identities will be revealed to the ringleaders .

Canadian Parliament’s Kellie Leitch, Like Trump, Calls for Screening of Immigrants.

Crown to appeal ruling overturning Dennis Oland’s murder conviction.

Hillary Clinton To Emerge From Woods, Attend Inauguration.

End of MERKEL: Angela’s global power and influence CRUMBLES as EU leaders opt for PUTIN.

The universe’s ‘eye’ revealed: Astronomers get a first glimpse at a mysterious RING galaxy.