Melania Trump holds the ball from the 2018 World Cup which Vladimir Putin gave the U.S. President at the press conference.

In what Trump described as an ‘incredible offer’ Putin said Washington could use a 1999 agreement to request that Russian authorities interrogate the 12 suspects, adding that U.S. officials could ask to be present in such interrogations. (Jack: The Russians want a reciprocal agreement as their representatives are present at interrogations of DOJ and FBI deadbeats. I’m all for that.)

Sometimes the best idea's start as a joke.

A friend sent this to me in a mail message. He feels it has great value in dealing with the FBI, DOJ and lying politicians. So do I.

The bottom line is that Baltimore politicians pandered to a constituency that was not concerned with public safety and was more concerned with gaining power and influence over the police department – even as the crime and murder rate began to skyrocket.

Baltimore police ‘stopped noticing crime’ after Freddie Gray riots.

Premier Doug Ford off to strong start, as battle with Ottawa heats up.

They don’t care about global warming or about recognizing the rights of Indigenous Canadians. They just don’t.

German Bundeswehr army soldiers at Bad Reichenhall in 2016.

Merkel is happy to browbeat other EU countries over their fiscal and migrant commitments, but please don’t bother her to spend on her own defense.