Winnipeg hospitals are stuffing patients into lounges and conference rooms as they grapple with a surge in-patient volumes this week, according to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

But it should come as no surprise given the high occupancy rates Winnipeg hospitals are operating under these days.

The city’s six hospitals are seeing an increase in patients with respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms and slip-and-fall injuries from icy conditions outdoors, said Lori Lamont, the WRHA’s vice-president of interprofessional practice and chief nursing officer. And that’s forcing hospitals to find alternative spaces to house patients, including lounges and conference rooms in hospitals, which are not equipped with washroom facilities.

“It’s certainly less than ideal situations,” Lamont told the Winnipeg Sun.


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The ONLY solution Canada ever comes up with time and time again to solve our health care woes is throw more and more money at the problem. We could vastly improve our system if we simply took a look at how other countries are out performing us, probably for less money, and implement their successes here. Why does the obvious continue to escape our politicians thinking? Take the socialism out of health care. Nothing is going to improve until Canadians demand it be so.

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