Opioid Crisis

Yesterday, President Trump (along with First Lady Melania Trump) delivered a speech addressing America’s epidemic levels of opioid abuse, addiction, and overdose. As it turns out, it’s become something of a Washington D.C. rarity in that almost everyone – on both sides of the political divide – thinks it was an excellent address.

Yes, there are still legitimate questions about the path forward and, yes, there are concerns about funding, but the reaction was generally positive. A few Trump haters were quick to attack the lack of specifics or doubt the President’s sincerity, but these are the people who trash the President no matter what he says or does. The “sane middle,” if such a thing still exists, thought he did a good job.

If you’d like some evidence of this, look no further than this clip of Barry McCaffrey.  He was Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under Bill Clinton – the so-called “Drug Czar” – and he had some strong praise for the President’s remarks.

“I got to be blunt. That’s the best presentation – comprehensive overview – of this issue I’ve heard in over a decade. Just simply magnificent.”

MSNBC must have hated to run this…


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