Ontario Goes After Ottawa

Mayor John Tory (left) met with Premier Doug Ford on Monday.
Mayor John Tory (left) met with Premier Doug Ford on Monday.

The Justin Trudeau government’s mishandling of “illegal border crossers” has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, Premier Doug Ford says.

“They created this mess and we’re expecting them to pitch in and help,” Ford said Monday, at his first official meeting with Toronto Mayor John Tory. “The mayor’s in a very tough spot … I know they’ve spent a fortune, as well.”

Once political opponents — Tory and Ford currently hold political offices that the other unsuccessfully sought — the pair discussed the pressure on the city’s shelter system and Toronto’s problem with gun violence.

Tory said they also spoke about transit, housing and jobs.

“I’m absolutely confident that we can work together on all of these issues because it’s in our mutual interest to do so and it’s in the interest of the people,” the mayor said.

The province has joined in with the city in demanding the federal government do something about the strain on Toronto shelters.

About 800 asylum seekers, including 200 children, are housed in college dorms that will no longer be available as shelters after Aug. 9.

“I support the mayor’s expectation that the federal government provide the city the $72 million owed to them, to date, before they need to leave the Humber and Centennial dorms,” Ford said in a statement following the meeting.


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