‘Old Fart’ In Pileup Makes News

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, wasn't injured when the Land Rover he was driving was involved in an accident on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019.
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, wasn’t injured when the Land Rover he was driving was involved in an accident on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, had to climb from the wreckage of his car Thursday following a crash in which his Land Rover overturned on its side.

The 97-year-old was said to look distraught and “quite shaken” after the accident, which left two other people in hospital with minor injuries.

He was last night recovering at Sandringham with the Queen by his side, after being checked by a doctor as a precaution and found to have no injuries.

Police confirmed that both the Prince and a female driver had been breathalyzed at the scene and had not been drinking. A witness said the Queen’s husband appeared “shocked and shaken” after the crash, describing the fact he was uninjured as a “miracle.”

The witness told The Daily Telegraph the Prince had seemed “quite distraught” in the aftermath of the incident, as police arrived at the scene. He is understood to have been helped out of his vehicle, which had flipped over, trapping the driver’s door shut.

Photographs of the wreckage appeared to show that the car had been hit on its passenger side, with heavy scrapes and dents in what will have been a “reinforced” vehicle made for the Royal family.

A second car, a Kia, was left on a verge after the crash. Locals believed the Prince was leaving a small private side road, intending to cross the A149 as he headed back to Sandringham when he collided with a car travelling south.


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