Obamacare Lives?

Sen. Susan M. Collins said Monday that she will vote against the latest Obamacare repeal effort, dealing what appears to be a fatal blow to Republican leaders’ last-ditch attempt to rewrite the bill and sway holdouts.

Ms. Collins, who also helped sink repeal efforts in July, joined Republican Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and John McCain of Arizona as “no” votes. She said she was dismayed by congressional scorekeepers’ analysis that millions fewer people would hold insurance under the Republican plan.

Republicans are racing a Saturday deadline to approve a repeal under fast-track budget rules, and unless they can flip one of the opponents, they will fail to fulfill their pledge to kill President Obama’s signature law.

“Health care is a deeply personal, complex issue that affects every single one of us and one-sixth of the American economy. Sweeping reforms to our health care system and to Medicaid can’t be done well in a compressed time frame, especially when the actual bill is a moving target,” said Ms. Collins, Maine Republican.


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Gabby in QC
Gabby in QC

I’ve not read much on the specifics of Obamacare, so a few days ago, when some of my friends & I met for lunch, I took the opportunity to ask one of them how Obamacare affected her. My friend has been living in the US for quite a number of years, as well as her daughter, also present at the lunch. My friend (a senior) said she is fully covered, no problems, she gets whatever medical attention she needs. Her daughter, on the other hand, said she can no longer get to see her doctor within a day, at hours… Read more »


So…Moore won and now as pointed out by Bannon at sub-link No 3 there needs to be an investigation to find out who was giving him bad advice.

John Nolte spells the situation out well in his column this morning. My view is McConnell has got to go. “No ifs, ands, or buts about it”.

The man has caused enough trouble.