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Sergio Mattarella is backtracking over the parties' selection of Giuseppe Conte as PM.
Sergio Mattarella is backtracking over the parties’ selection of Giuseppe Conte as PM.

ITALY’S President Sergio Mattarella is at loggerheads with Five Star Movement and Lega over the coalition selection of eurosceptic Giuseppe Conte as Prime Minister of their alliance following doubts around his political expertise and questions over alleged inflated CV claims.

Mr Mattarella was this week expected to offer Mr Conte a mandate to form a government but now the President is backtracking over the political parties’ controversial selection of the little known civil lawyer and academic.

Five Star Leader Luigi Di Maio and Lega head Matteo Salvini have met in Rome to discuss their alliance as they look to diffuse the crisis over the qualifications of Mr Conte.

His lack of political experience had already been questioned, but yesterday he faced accusations he exaggerated his training at a number of prestigious universities around the world.

The row has erupted after New York University – one of the institutions named on Mr Conte’s CV – told the News York Times there is no record of him attending as a summer student.

Five Star have defended him, claiming that both domestic and overseas media were “afraid” of his power.


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