Norman Innocent?

The RCMP alleges that an employee in the federal government’s procurement department, one who has no links to the military’s now-suspended former second-in-command, leaked sensitive information about Canada’s troubled shipbuilding program.

The individual works at Public Services and Procurement Canada, according to information gathered by the Ottawa Citizen. He has not been charged with any offence and remains on the job in Ottawa. The RCMP first revealed their suspicions about the individual in a passing reference contained in its application earlier this year for a warrant to search the home of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman and seize his electronic devices. The officer who swore the information included no other details about him.

But the employee’s alleged involvement in leaking information could undercut any case against Norman, suspended as vice-chief of the defence staff over similar allegations.

The RCMP claims Norman leaked sensitive information about the government’s shipbuilding program. It has not charged the senior naval officer, who maintains he is innocent. But the federal police force was warned on April 21 its claims that Norman improperly released information from a Liberal government cabinet meeting could be on shaky ground.


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Retired navy captain Kevin Carle said it appears the RCMP are focused on Norman even though the police force acknowledges another federal employee was involved. “You have to ask yourself why are they still going after Norman?” asked Carle, who served with the vice admiral. “Is it because he embarrassed the government?” An independent federal law enforcement agency or an enormously powerful arm of the federal government with unlimited finances? You be the judge. ….and this But Carle worries the RCMP are dragging out the Norman investigation, draining the officer’s finances and putting undue stress on him and his family.… Read more »