Nimrud Obliterated

These pictures show the shattered remains of what was once one of the most magnificent cities in the Middle East.

The ancient Iraqi city of Nimrud has been reduced to rubble by Islamic State, who were forced out of the famed archaeological site in November.

The terror group was driven out by Iraqi forces, but left behind scenes of devastation, with much of the ancient Assyrian city destroyed.

Nimrud, in northern Iraq, was 3,000 years ago the capital of what is believed to have been the world’s first empire.

Since 2014, Islamic State has deliberately destroyed cultural heritage in Iraq, Syria, and to a lesser extent in Libya, including 28 historic religious buildings.

The valuable items from some buildings were looted by jihadis in order to smuggle and sell them to finance terror.

The winged, human-headed bulls that once stood sentry at the nearly 3,000-year-old palace at Nimrud were believed to protect the king from evil.

Now their stone remains are piled in the dirt, hacked to pieces by Islamic State in its fervor to erase history.

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