Native Elders Get Their Say

“The time was mismanaged around here,” Trudeau said.
“The time was mismanaged around here,” Trudeau said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears frustrated with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations’ “time management” in a leaked video clip that was taken during his meeting with several chiefs in Saskatoon earlier this week.

Trudeau, who was in the city for the Liberal Party of Canada’s annual caucus retreat earlier, and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale were scheduled to meet with the 74-member FSIN at 8 a.m. last Wednesday, according to his itinerary.

In the video clip, which runs for three minutes and 38 seconds and surfaced on YouTube Sunday with the title “PMJT berates FSIN Chiefs,” the prime minister appears to express frustration that the first portion of the meeting went long, leaving little time to hear other concerns.

“The original plan was eight people around the table or so, representing all the different regions, bringing forward concerns … and the first section took 45 minutes, and every single person spoke around the table,” Trudeau is heard saying in the video.

“That’s not fair. That’s not fair. That’s not the way … I’m really, really upset with this. It wasn’t for me to interrupt previous speakers, but (FSIN Chief) Bobby (Cameron), there shouldn’t have been every single person speaking for eight minutes.

“That is not the spirit of reconciliation, of the nation-to-nation relationship we’re supposed to have,” Trudeau added, noting that his “absolute time cap” was 9:05 a.m. Around 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday he addressed the party’s caucus meeting.

In a statement on Sunday, the Prime Minister’s Office said, “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get through all the issues that were put forward, but we look forward to subsequent meetings with First Nations Leaders in Saskatchewan and Canada where these concerns can be discussed.”

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When everyone is the same – no one is special. If you are just one more first minister amongst a large group of first ministers you get your 8 minutes to talk like everyone else. Looks good on the first minister of that nation called Canada.