CALGARY — Canada may step outside the three-way North American Free Trade Agreement in new talks with the protectionist Trump administration, says Canada’s ambassador to the United States.

The federal government has already had preliminary discussions with members of President Donald Trump’s transition team and more talks are in the offing, David MacNaughton says.

It is vital to have a good economic relationship with the U.S., and while some matters may be dealt with inside the controversial Canada-U.S.-Mexico agreement, which Trump has promised to revisit, others may be better handled outside it, he added.

“It’s essential that we get a better Canada-U.S. trade and economic and security relationship,” MacNaughton said on the eve of a two-day federal cabinet retreat in Calgary.

“Whether that’s within an overall NAFTA arrangement, part of that is going to depend on obviously what Mexico’s reaction is to what they put on the table.


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Comments to his staff in private by Donald Trump immediately following his first face to face meeting with or college dropout snow board instructor PM will unquestionably go something like this. “JHC……. talk about impossible to have an intelligent conversation. WTF were Canadians thinking when they elected this guy?”