N. Korea Questions

A DEADLY tunnel collapse on North Korea’s missile testing site could spell the end of its nuclear programme.

After a series of six missile tests in quick succession, North Korea has been quieter of late, keeping up its fiery rhetoric but not launching rockets.

It is now suspected this is due to a tunnel collapse that killed 200 workers at the Punggye-ri testing facility at some point after the sixth test in September.

Experts had warned a collapse was likely if missile testing continued, but Japanese TV today reported the devastating accident had already happened.

They could not clarify when the accident and subsequent doomed rescue attempts took place.


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I hope that’s true, Joe.


I also read that China has told little fat man that if he launches another missal or does another nuclear test China will consider it an act of war and all out war with China will ensue. Little fat man is running out of friends both within and without of his country.