Perhaps you saw the cringe-worthy video of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney singing to U.S. President Donald Trump.

In fact, Mulroney is doing a lot more than singing. It seems he’s speaking to Trump and contacting U.S. politicians on Trudeau’s behalf.

And we see evidence Trudeau has struck a deal with the Conservatives. Conservative MPs and pundits heap lavish praise on Trudeau and Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland when discussion turns to Trump and NAFTA. And in exchange, it seems Liberals follow Mulroney’s strategy of flattering the U.S. President.

The official line on Mulroney’s involvement – from both Liberals and Conservatives – is that he is well-connected with U.S. politicians. It’s often mentioned that Mulroney has a home in Palm Beach, Florida and therefore is a neighbour of Trump – though it’s surely not the chat-over-the-fence type of neighbourhood most Canadians live in.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau has confirmed Mulroney isn’t being paid by the government of Canada for his efforts. But Mulroney’s not some retired old hand who’s just opening doors and telling stories about the 1990s trade negotiation experience.

He’s an active businessman on the board of directors of several US and Canadian companies. Any number of them have an interest in NAFTA and Trump’s policies. Significantly, Mulroney is a board director of Blackstone Group, the US private investment company founded by CEO Stephen Schwartzman and Peter Peterson, former Commerce Secretary to President Richard Nixon.

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