‘Motormouth’ Chastized

The more he talks, the more damage he inflicts on himself and, by extension, us.
The more he talks, the more damage he inflicts on himself and, by extension, us.

If I were advising Justin Trudeau, I’d tell him to shut his piehole.

Zip it, Prime Minister. Put an R2-D2 sock in it. Knock it off with this pathological need to sidle up to the nearest microphone to gab, yak, chat, hold court, shoot the breeze, riff or push platitudes like a guest speaker at a kindergarten class while hopped up on ecstasy: “Children, there is no ‘I’ in love. But there is a ‘U’ in ‘Justin’ and in ‘Trudeau.’ I am you. You are me. We are love. Now pick up your crayons and let’s draw a gender-neutral sun.”

Forget climate change, terrorism, potential war or a volatile stock market.

The biggest threat to Canada right now? It is our leader’s mouth.

Consider the global ridicule that emerged from a now viral clip. During a recent town hall in Edmonton, a young woman is asking a meandering question when Trudeau get distracted by a certain word, as if it’s a T-bone and he’s a Rottweiler.

So he interrupts to gnaw on her questionable language.


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