As we enter the first week of 2017, it’s important to put aside some of the myths from 2016 and look at what’s really at stake in the new year for President-elect Donald Trump and the nation.

The results from our post-election survey of November 8th and our December national poll (sponsored by Secure America Now) show that public opinion is moving strongly in favor of Trump. During the 2016 campaign, polls frequently showed that well more than 50 percent of voters viewed him unfavorably. But by December, he had a net-positive job-approval rating, with 48 of Americans approving of him and only 41 percent disapproving. This suggests that Trump has maintained the momentum that allowed him to win the White House.

At year’s end, Trump voters enthusiastically approved of the job being done by the President-elect, 91 percent to 3 percent; Republicans approved 83 percent to 11 percent; conservatives approved 73 percent to 15 percent; and those who disapproved of the job President Obama has done approved of Trump 77 percent to 12 percent. But Trump’s polling surge is generating a negative reaction from Democratic elites and the liberal media, who wish to see him fail. They fear that if Donald Trump increases his job approval above 50 or even 60 percent, he’ll have the kind of political capital that Ronald Reagan had to pass his conservative, populist agenda. Here’s what really worries them: 14 percent of Clinton voters now approve of Trump, as do 21 percent of the Democrats 25 percent of voters who approve of the job Obama is doing, 24 percent of African American voters, 31 percent of liberals, 44 percent of the under-40 vote, and 44 percent of Hispanics.


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