Remember the name Will Baker everyone because he is the Greyhound bus beheader, previously known as Vince Li, who has just been released from custody without any conditions whatsoever.

How could that happen? It could happen because Li/Baker was found “not criminally responsible“(NCR) for beheading Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus in July 2008 at Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. See McLean in photo to the left.

And, it is that “NCR” finding that is the problem because the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1999 that anyone found not criminally responsible could be released without conditions “if” they were not deemed dangerous by a Review Board.

Well, the Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board granted Li/Baker that release yesterday.

Why did that Review Board come to such a conclusion? Because, the Global News link indicates, his doctor, Jeffrey Waldman, “…told the board earlier this week that he is confident Baker will remain on his medication and will continue to work with his treatment team if released.”

Waldman also  “…testified that Baker knows it’s the medication that keeps his illness at bay.” Think about that. “It’s the medication that keeps his illness at bay.”


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We all take a leap of faith as man behind ghastly beheading on bus is set free

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Liz J
Liz J

It’s beyond troubling. It’s outrageous.

This individual has been given total freedom to live among us, our safety is dependent on him, that he never forget to take his medications. This case highlights the phrase “the law is an ass.”

He has been allowed to change his name and we haven’t seen a clear picture of how he looks today, he could also change his appearance…all to protect him.
We need to be vigilant but how?


Thanks Jack. We needed to get this info out there and his new name — Will Baker.