Mexico’s Violent Election

Violence haunts Mexico's election campaign.
Violence haunts Mexico’s election campaign.

Mexico City ( – Scores of politicians and candidates have been assassinated leading up to Mexico’s July 1 federal and local elections in what one expert is calling the bloodiest election season ever seen in Mexico.

“This is the most violent election in Mexico’s history,” Rubén Salazar Vázquez, director of the risk consultancy Etellekt in Mexico City, told

There have been at least 211 acts of aggression towards politicians and candidates running for office since Sept. 8, 2017, resulting in 82 assassinations.

Ninety percent have occurred against candidates running at the state or municipal level, Vazquez said.

“This is a figure we have never seen.”

In 70 percent of the attacks on candidates, high-caliber weapons were fired from passing automobiles or motorcycles, a pattern which Vazquez said is typical of organized crime.

There is no confirmation of who is responsible for the attacks, but organized crime syndicates are highly motivated to control who runs local governments.

Control over local police, the awarding and funding of municipal projects, and the provision of public services, like water, provides organized crime with ample opportunities to launder money and conduct illicit activities, such as narcotics trafficking, Vazquez said.


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