Merkel Snubbed

A VETERAN member of Angela Merkel’s ruling Christian Democrats Union party has quit after decades of service because of the Chancellor’s bungling approach to the migrant crisis.

Erika Steinbach served the CDU for 43 years, but claims she could not even bring herself to vote for Mrs Merkel’s party after the European figurehead’s open door migration policy saw 1.2 million people enter the country over two years.

The Frankfurt am Main representative claimed allowing people into the country for months without being identified was in conflict with both German laws and EU treaties.

Mrs Steinbach said: “Would I vote CDU at the moment? No.

“Would I join the CDU today? No.

“I can only draw the honest conclusion of leaving the CDU”

Mrs Steinbach, who has claimed conservative voices in the party had been “deliberately marginalised step by step” and “even stigmatised” alleged the Chancellor’s government has promoted illegal migration into the European superpower.

She added: “At the Federal Office for Migration, thousands of thousands of passports have been identified as counterfeit, without the legal consequences for the respective migrants being drawn.

“There is a political will behind it.”


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