The Hubble Space Telescope has caught a glimpse of a remarkable galaxy that’s ‘more exciting and futuristic’ than most.

Known as IRAS 16399-0937, the galaxy spotted more than 370 million light-years from Earth is home to a megamaser, a process that amplifies light to create ‘intensely bright’ beams.

These objects are 100 million times brighter than the masers found in other galaxies, like the Milky Way, turning its host into a massive ‘astronomical laser.’


A megamaser is a process that involves some components within the galaxy, like gas, that is in the right physical condition to cause the amplification of light.

In this case, that is microwave rather than visible light.

These objects are 100 times brighter than masers, which can be found in other galaxies, like the Milky Way.

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