Former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton expressed in her book What Happenedreleased Tuesday, her annoyance when people asked her why she wanted to launch a presidential campaign.

“In short, I thought I’d be a damn good President,” she wrote in the book. “Still, I never stopped getting asked, ‘Why do you want to be President? Why? But, really-why?’ The implication was that there must be something else going on, some dark ambition and craving for power.”

The former presidential candidate added that even after many people expected her to run in 2016, she questioned her decision to run for office.

“Nobody psychoanalyzed Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or Bernie Sanders about why they ran. It was just accepted as normal. But for me, it was regarded as inevitable — people assumed I’d run no matter what — yet somehow abnormal, demanding a profound explanation,” Clinton wrote.


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