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How can so many Conservative MPs be quite so suicidally stupid?
How can so many Conservative MPs be quite so suicidally stupid?

At dinner the other night, a QC friend of mine — I forget what the Q stands for but I know exactly why they’re all called Cs — tried explaining to me why Theresa May’s Brexit ‘deal’ is actually a good deal for Britain.

So I asked him to explain to me what’s good about it.

He began by agreeing that the deal isn’t perfect but said that there’s got to be a bit of give and take on both sides. Then he conceded that of course “No deal” might have been better but because the government had made such poor preparations for such an eventuality over the last two and half years…

“Let me stop you right there, you despicable, fat, Establishment sell-out tosser…” I said.

This is the problem with every Remain argument I’ve ever heard. None of them can actually explain why Theresa May’s ‘deal’ — or any of the other fudges, cop-outs and surrenders being planned by the Remainers — in any way respects the wishes of the 17.4 million people who voted Brexit in 2016.

That’s what is making all those of us who voted Brexit — and we are, after all, the majority — so increasingly frustrated and angry. We voted for Brexit in good faith. We were told our decision would be honoured. And all we’ve heard since from the political class is endless fancy excuses on why it can’t deliver what we want.

And yes — whatever Belial-tongued lawyers like my fancy pants QC friend — it really is that simple.

We voted for Brexit. And now the political class is ganging up to stop us getting Brexit.

It thinks, as my fat pillock of a QC friend does, that once they’ve explained to us — using ugly phrases like “it’s about the numbers” and “we have to find common ground between Remain and Leave” and “John Bercow” — why we can’t get what we want, we’ll all go: “Oh yeah! Stupid us. We thought we could have Brexit but we now realise that the answer was staring us in the face all along. We can’t have Brexit because reasons…”


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