Martin Attacks

During a 2004 Stephen Harper campaign pitstop in southwestern Ontario, an intensely earnest woman kept circling the media entourage making sure we were sufficiently impressed with the future prime minister’s speech.

She stood out from the usual fan fanatics because she worked as a pediatric surgeon when not moonlighting as a political junkie.

That was Kellie Leitch then.

The Kellie Leitch now fighting to become Harper’s replacement as party leader would never recognize what she has become.

Talk to MPs who know Leitch and the first thing they’ll say is that this candidate, now fixated on values-policing immigrants, banging Donald Trump’s anti-elitism drum, advertising on alt-right American websites and producing a cringe-worthy video which oozes insincerity, is a fake Leitch.

She is, or was in her earlier life, a compassionate, charitable, charismatic personality who saved or repaired hundreds of young lives while educating other doctors on advanced surgical skills.

That does not compute with the person in this week’s bizarre Facebook production.

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When I first read this ‘hit piece’ written by Don Martin on Kellie Leitch I went ballistic but decided to wait a few days before using it. In my view this is journalism at it’s very worst, slamming a very ‘dangerous’ contender (in lefty small minds) for no better reason than to discredit her in any way possible. And Martin isn’t alone. It’s going on right across the Canadian news spectrum and most of it is pure garbage pandered by progressive journalists. Thinking about Donald Trump and the way he was attacked during his campaign the comparison is blatantly obvious.… Read more »