Man Wins Women’s Cycling

Image taken from Twitter.

Political correctness is truly over the top when a biological man is not only allowed to race in a women’s cycling world championship but allowed to win. Winning in the age 35-39 sprint category, Peter Hasson identifies that trans woman as Rachel McKinnon, a Professor at the College at Charleston, South Carolina. Representing Canada in the race, which was held recently on October 14th, 2018 in Los Angeles, McKinnon apparently had no problem with her being a biological male competing against biological women.

Look, as someone versed in developmental and cognitive psychology, I do not have a problem with a biological males choosing to live life as females. I realize they go through a great deal of therapy and difficult life choices to get there, including in some cases, re-assignment surgery. But, that whole process is by their choice which I accept as society’s new reality.

However, when that process becomes unfair, as in the case of sports, I do have a major problem because men and women develop differently both psychologically and physically. For example, male bones, joints and muscles mature differently from females in their teen years.

There is also the issue of hormones. McKinnon admits she still has plenty of the male hormone testosterone. She says in the Daily Caller link above, for example, that accepting transgender females competing against biological females is no different than when black males were previously segregated from white males. Sorry, but that analogy doesn’t work because no matter what the color of someone’s skin, a biological male is a male and a biological female is a female.

I mean, take a look at the winning image above. McKinnon is so obviously a biological male compared to the other two female winners. She has a larger body and much larger legs. Not only that, “she” doesn’t stand like a woman does.

Mind you, this issue has been brewing in sport for over a decade now regarding people born with an intersex condition, what used to be referred to as being a hermaphrodite. For example, there was the issue of Olympic African sprinter Caster Semenya, who has such a condition. As Daniel Engber of Slate Magazine, in April 2011 the International Athletics Association responded with guidelines that any “female athlete that tested high for functional testosterone”… be given a choice.” They would either have “to give up competition, or undergo treatment to push her levels back below the ‘male range.'”

More recently, Engber also explains, there was controversy in 2014 over another intersex athlete, namely, Indian sprinter Dutee Chand, who took her situation to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which ruled in her favor. However, after than finding, the standard for testosterone was shelved through 2017 until more scientific evidence could clarify. Unfortunately, with today’s level of political correctness, I know of no one who is brave enough to claim such evidence.

Dutee Chand

And, therein lies the problem. Rights versus reality. And the reality is that biological males are stronger athletes than females. For example, “Ross Tucker, an exercise physiologist and supporter of the invalidated testing protocol, told me he’s observed that several women with intersex conditions have been running 5 to 6 percent faster in the past year.” Why? Because they apparently no longer suppress their natural testosterone.

For context on that speed, Engber says that by comparison, “the very best male runners in the world tend to run about 11 percent faster than the very best women.” Meaning, that biological males are automatically way ahead of any biological female in terms of raw speed.

The crux of the matter is for the powers that be in sport to stop this unfair practice now because in the not so distant future, young biological women will not even bother to get into championship and Olympic sports that are dominated by men who are self identified as women.

And, no, it is not transphobic bigotry to talk about this issue openly. To suggest it is, is simply the worst of identity politics.

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