Ma Bell’s Sorry Excuse

Toronto election fringe candidate Faith Goldy storms the stage at a candidates' debate in September. She was removed by police.
Toronto election fringe candidate Faith Goldy storms the stage at a candidates’ debate in September. She was removed by police.

Bell Media is concerned it would violate laws against spreading racist messages of hate were it to run a television advertisement for Faith Goldy, a controversial far-right fringe candidate for mayor of Toronto.

The regulations that govern broadcasters in Canada prohibit content that is false or misleading, or which “tends to expose an individual or a group or class of individuals to hatred or contempt on the basis of race,” according to legal documents filed late Friday with the Ontario Superior Court in response to a lawsuit Goldy filed earlier this week.

Bell argues those rules do not give Goldy “an unqualified right to have her advertising broadcast.”

The company is defending its decision to refund Goldy’s money and refuse to run her ad on its news channel, CP24. It describes Goldy as a “fringe candidate in the Toronto Mayoral election” who has polled at a little over 1 per cent.

A hearing Monday will consider whether Ontario Superior Court can even hear Goldy’s complaint that the broadcaster violated her constitutional right to freely express herself as a registered candidate for mayor in the city’s Oct. 22 election.

“This case is not merely a case about breach of contract. It is about how a democracy functions,” said Clayton Ruby, a prominent civil rights lawyer who is acting for Goldy.

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Jack’s Note: People usually never bother to vote in municipal elections. To many unfamiliar names are the main cause. HOWEVER, in this election one candidate is being muzzled by the politically correct morons that have been running Toronto for decades because…’Why’? Are they afraid of Faith? I suspect so. My advice to voters in Toronto is in this election they have a reason to change the status quo by supporting a brave and outspoken young woman who likely has been falsely tarred in the fashion of Sarah Palin in years past and closer to home Tanya Granic Allen in the recent PC leadership contest.  They should exploit their opportunity by turning out in their millions and sending these self important jerks deciding everything for them a message they will never forget. Elect Faith Goldy as mayor.  And then stand back and laugh as Toronto’s PC world melts down in exactly the same fashion as it did when Doug Ford was elected.  My point:  Faith Goldy is more than qualified for the job.

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