M-103 Debate

I have received and gratefully replied to a great many messages, all favourable, about my column here last week criticizing House of Commons Motion 103. This initiative, unofficially supported by the government, falsely claims that Parliament can and must “quell … a rising climate of hate and fear” in Canada. I disputed that there was such a climate, or that there was either a need or ability vested in Parliament to “quell” it. I did not impute motives to the authors and supporters of the motion, or comment on the parallel request that Parliament assert Islam’s positive contribution to civilization.

In fact, I think it is disquieting that the government is whipping up this alarm that is not justified, accusing, in effect, the population it represents of a level of sectarian intolerance of which it is not guilty. And it is no business of the Parliament of Canada to dispense Olympian judgments on the value to civilization of different religions. Nor can the Muslim community blithely demand that the entire non-Muslim world express unshakeable confidence in the pacific intent of Islam, when its scriptures are relentlessly violent and tens of thousands of Islamic terrorists are constantly massacring the innocent on every continent except Antarctica, with the vocal or tacit approval of a number of Muslim governments.

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