Like Watching Paint Dry

Treasury Minister Robery Jenrick confirmed the Government would publish the contrasting forecasts.
Treasury Minister Robery Jenrick confirmed the Government would publish the contrasting forecasts.

CONFIDENTIAL papers comparing the impact of Theresa May’s Brexit divorce deal with staying in the EU and leaving with no deal will be published in a major concession to Remainers.

The agreement to publish the economic analysis comes after Tory MPs, including Jo Johnson, brother of Brexiteer heavyweight Boris Johnson, signed an amendment to a Budget Bill in the House of Commons proposed by Labour’s Chukka Umunna and Tory Anna Soubry. Mr Ummuna, who is campaigning for a second referendum, immediately hailed the news, and accused the Government of “trying the con the people” over the impact of leaving the bloc. The Government opted to accept the amendment rather than risk a damaging Parliamentary defeat at the worst possible time for Prime Minister Theresa May.

The legislation law contains the various changes to taxes and duties announced in the Chancellor Philip Hammond’s budget.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Treasury minister Robert Jenrick said economic modelling of three possible eventualities would be compared with the current situation.

He added: “I’m happy to confirm the baseline for this comparison will be the status quo – that is today’s institutional arrangements with the EU.

“I can confirm this analysis will bring together evidence from across Government, external stakeholders and a range of analytical tools.


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