Liberals no longer believe in elections

Ford declared the Not Withstanding Clause, something that Premier's in Canada can do.
Ford declared the Not Withstanding Clause, something that Premier’s in Canada can do.

The one thing I have noticed over the last 20 years is that when election results are not in favour of the Left, that election is considered illegitimate.

As I wrote yesterday, the day after the NDP Rae Government turned over the Ontario legislature to the Mike Harris Conservatives, two weeks after the election, there were Left wing protesters marching around the Ontario legislature yelling “SHAME.” Shame for what? Shame for winning? They hadn’t done anything yet.

In 2011 in Canada, the Stephen Harper Conservatives won their first majority government. Immediately after that win the anti-Harper noise started about how the Conservative was a fake win.

Why? Because they had allegedly used robocalls to misinform voters — both before election day and on election day. All nonsense, of course, because all the political parties had used robocalls.

More recently, our friends in the United States had an election in early November,2016. All the polls in the U.S. showed Hillary Clinton ahead by a mile. Yet, it was all lies. Either that, or people just weren’t admitting to pollsters ahead of time that they planned to vote for Donald Trump to be President.

Yet, there we were at 2 in the morning watching the numbers favouring the outsider. Knowing what happened to Harper, I wondered what the Left’s narrative was going to be. Well, as it turned out, it didn’t take long for the “Russia influenced the election” nonsense to start.

Fast forward to 2018 and the Ontario election in June. The Doug Ford Conservatives won a strong majority in June, just 3 months ago, and yet the Left is again trying to stop everything he promised to do via lawsuits. And, note the cartoon of someone like Ford in a red hat like Trump’s Make America Great Again, published in The Times on May 30th, 2018. The innuendo for the type of Ford voter is clear.

Check out Brian Lilley’s column yesterday. First, the Ford Government put forward a Bill to reduce the size of the Toronto Council. The City of Toronto sued the Government. A justice ruled in favour of the Council. Ford declared the Not Withstanding Clause, something that Premier’s in Canada can do.

Then, there is the issue of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association — an organization that is also suing the Ontario government over the reduction of Toronto City Council. Remember, the CCLA is supposed to be a non-partisan organzation. Yet, headed “by Dalton McGuinty’s former attorney general Michael Bryant….the CCLA has all but abandoned any pretence to impartiality.”

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I happened to hear Kinsella on Adler the other night. Kinsella was prattling on about how the court injunction blocking Ford from changing Toronto’s city council rang rather hollow and it wasn’t too hard to understand that as a leftist Kinsella was much more interested in keeping courts in power in Canada. As a leftist Kinsella wants to be able to over turn an election when the election may over turn the leftist agenda.