Liberal Bafflegab Hides Culpability

The sign is quite clear!
The sign is quite clear!

We have had more than 30,000 people cross the border illegally since Justin Trudeau’s ridiculous #WelcometoCanada tweet in January of 2017. As it stands now, Trudeau’s Liberals are more concerned with what we call the illegal border crossers than in stopping them from coming.

Trudeau’s immigration minister has come out against people, especially the Ford government in Ontario, calling illegal border crossers what they are, illegal border crossers.

“I’m very concerned by Premier Ford and minister MacLeod really making statements that are difficult to understand when it comes to how they’re describing asylum seekers. These are people who we have a legal obligation to give a fair hearing to, and so we’re applying Canadian law, we’re applying international law and that requires all levels of government to work together,” Hussen told reporters the other day.

Yes, we are applying Canadian law. Yes, under international treaties that Canada has signed the people crossing the border illegally are entitled to due process and a refugee hearing.

None of that negates the fact that they are illegal border crossers.

For people that dispute that those coming across at Roxham Road on the Quebec-New York border are illegal, take a look at this photo of the sign posted there by none other than the Government of Canada.


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