MARINE Le Pen has rocketed into the lead in the race to become France’s next president – just months ahead of the country’s general election.

The National Front leader has usurped Conservative candidate Francois Fillon to take the lead according to an Ifop-Fiducial opinion poll.

Le Pen is now leading the polls for the first time after taking advantage of Fillon’s declining popularity among France’s working class voters, according to the survey carried out for French weekly newspaper Paris Match, TV channel iTele and radio station Sud-Radio.

In a series of voting scenarios, the populist leader was seen winning around 26.5 per cent of the first round vote, while Fillon is a close second with almost 25 per cent.

The presidential hopeful has promised to hold a referendum regarding France’s EU membership within six months if she wins the general election, which would mark yet another shocking victory in global politics following Brexit and Trump’s landmark victory in the US election.


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