Kill the F-35

Stairway Press in Las Vegas has just published a book about a problem called the F-35.

The F-35 is so bad that there is no point in proceeding with it. Even if it worked as per the original specifications of the development contract in 2001, that would not be good enough. It is very expensive to build and operate, and there is no role for it on the battlefield. Anything the F-35 can do, something else can do better and more cheaply. It must be kept away from enemy aircraft, which will harry it to death.

It is good practice, when bringing attention to a problem, also to detail the solution to that problem. That is what the book does. It is a discussion of air superiority achieved by aircraft dedicated to that purpose. Without air superiority, the existence of the rest of the military enterprise is fraught, and the human cost of having undefended skies will be considerable.

America’s air superiority is currently provided by a handful of F-22s, which are likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of late-model Chinese fighter aircraft. Once the F-22s are shot down, the rest of the Air Force will be defenseless, even if the F-35 were in service and worked as designed.

The book begins with the background to the way Lockheed Martin engineered the F-35 selection process so that its design would be chosen for the Air Force, Navy, and Marines with the aim of being the sole source of fighter aircraft for decades. The compromises needed to achieve that win in the selection process fatally compromised the product.

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