Keeping The Faith

Cameron didn’t believe Britain would vote to leave and even after they did, Europe didn’t believe the British were serious.
Cameron didn’t believe Britain would vote to leave and even after they did, Europe didn’t believe the British were serious

The front page of the London Daily Mirror undoubtedly had it wrong when it ran a front page on Wednesday with a full-length photo of Prime Minister Theresa May with the bold headlines covering the rest of the page: “No Hope No Clue No Deal No Confidence.” A Guardian editorialist got somewhat carried away, as the Guardian almost always does in its lobotomous socialist biases, when he traced the present impasse back to Henry VIII’s apostasy from the Roman Church, doled out blame to Britain for all its wars with the Spanish and French, revisited the Suez fiasco of 1956, disparaged Margaret Thatcher without naming her, and then, closing in on a legitimate target, excoriated the previous prime minister, David Cameron, and concluded, like a dump truck raising the angle of its cargo area to ensure the cascade of the final detritus, on Theresa May. As usual with the (British) left, there is a great deal of overstatement in all of this. Theresa May has her limitations, but she is trying to build a bridge between a British referendum vote to leave Europe, a parliamentary majority to remain, and the unanimity on any relevant subject of the 27 states of the European Union.

She has made some mistakes, and was handed a can of worms by Cameron, who deserves the opprobrium of the Guardian, but she has managed to fight her corner well. A few weeks ago, she retained the confidence of 200 of the governing Conservative Party’s 317 members of Parliament, an unimpressive survival, but enough to shut her own MP’s down for a year and keep a lock on her party’s leadership. The defeat of her proposed Brexit compromise on Tuesday was 432 to 202, so she held the same people who supported her in the Conservative caucus plus two, and she won the confidence vote on Wednesday 325 to 306, indicating she regained all the Conservative and Democratic Ulster votes that have sustained the regime since the 2017 election.


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