Juan Trump?

Trump has even taken to calling Mexico's president-elect "Juan Trump" in private.
Trump has even taken to calling Mexico’s president-elect “Juan Trump” in private.

American progressives are in danger of their own heads exploding, which must explain why they are ignoring the latest news from Mexico.  AMLO, AKA Andrés Manuel López-Obrador, Mexico’s leftist president-elect, seems to understand the importance of secure borders, disappointing his leftist counterparts in the United States, who are all for open borders.

Bloomberg reports:

Mexico’s President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is planning his own border police force to stop undocumented immigrants [sic], drugs and guns from crossing into the country from Central America, his future chief of public security said.

Picked by Lopez Obrador, Alfonso Durazo stressed that the new force would be part of a larger regional development effort to ease the poverty and violence that lead so many Central Americans to cross into Mexico.  The police corps will be sizable, he said, and will be deployed to Mexico’s northern border as well.  He declined to offer more specifics as the details are still being decided.

“We’re going to create a border police force that will be highly specialized,” Durazo said in an interview.  “They need to apply the law,” including stopping undocumented migrants and human traffickers from crossing into Mexico, which Durazo says often takes place with the help of corrupt officials.

President-Elect Andrés Manuel López-Obrador of Mexico.
Photo credit: Eneas De Troya via Wikimedia Commons.

That sounds positively Trumpian.  And, to the shock and dismay of American progs who peddle the notion that Trump hates Hispanics, it appears that Trump and AMLO are off to a cordial start:


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