It’s The Education, Stupid!

Reforming our educational system is the most important mission of our time.
Reforming our educational system is the most important mission of our time.

In the immediate sense, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be the best thing to happen to the Republican Party since Abraham Lincoln. Her Green New Deal is as much dead in the water as it is brain dead and constitutes a fabulous talking point for the GOP to run on in 2020.

But there is a point of concern — and in the long run a more important one.

AOC represents the natural outgrowth of our extraordinarily biased higher educational system. She is its valedictorian, its Social Justice Summa Cum Laude. Give her the SJWPhD honoris causa and, while you’re at it, give the United States of America to China. They won’t have to fire a shot.

Think I exaggerate? Consider the level of writing and thinking in her Green Deal in whatever ever-changing iteration, with or without the banning of cow flatulence and air travel, and notwithstanding the guaranteed income for those unwilling to work. (Isn’t that already the case with internet trolls — but I digress?) This document, if one can call it that, resembles nothing more than the kind of swill presented to — and highly approved by — professors in today’s grievance-obsessed colleges, where Shakespeare and Milton are dismissed or rejected and actual thought (i.e., intellectual reasoning) is ridiculed as manifestations of “white privilege.”

Actually, AOC is a nascent (or not-so-nascent) totalitarian. Nevertheless, she has brought along with her almost all of the declared Democratic Party candidates (Gillibrand, Harris, Warren, Booker, Sanders, etc.), a couple of whom, one would hope, might be smart enough to know her ideas are fantastical and so expensive as to bankrupt not just the USA but most of the world along with it. It would cause tremendous suffering, most of all to the poor and working classes who can’t afford, or even dare to dream of, Teslas or vacations on Mustique.

These are the people the Democrats claim to be helping. Nevertheless, these candidates say nothing and go along. Either they are cowards or fellow travelers or both. But beneath it all, they are wannabe undergraduate Social Justice Warriors.


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