It’s Escalating

From New York to California, to a Screen Actors Guild ceremony, Democrats are stepping up their calls to defy President Trump’s executive actions to close the nation’s porous borders and make America safer from terrorists. Making America safer is exactly what they’re opposing, blubbery words about compassion and inclusion aside. Actor David Harbour has even called for assault. Will a call to arms be next? For Democrats and the left (one in the same), peace and love have gone the way of tie-dyed shirts and bellbottoms.

In the immediate wake of Trump’s inauguration, violence erupted. Leftists angered that Trump was president took to the streets, hurling rocks and employing David Harbour’s method of catharsis.

On the heels of the protest violence, came the Million Gals March. Intimations of violence were elevated as celebs — Madonna and Ashley Judd, notably — spewed vitriol to a national audience. Madonna’s dream about blowing up the White House (with the president in it, doubtless) was swept away by the MSM as hyperbole. Yet a worldly 58-year-old diva shouldn’t be lightly dismissed as a complete idiot. Madonna knows plenty about audiences and followings. Her words act as cues.

Then Ashley Judd, in a lewd and hate-filled rant that, one imagines, was supposed to be some sort of ode for the ages, proclaimed her “nastiness.” In sum, her vehemence and language are easily construed as incitements to violence.

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