Italy Has A Government…Maybe

Following the meeting with Mr Mattarella, Mr Conte said he will be 'Italians' defence attorney'.
Following the meeting with Mr Mattarella, Mr Conte said he will be ‘Italians’ defence attorney’.

ITALY’S President Sergio Mattarella has given Giuseppe Conte the mandate to become the prime minister of a coalition composed by only populist parties, making the country the largest in the EU to be led by anti-establishment forces.

President Mattarella ended the 80-day long political deadlock reigning over Italy by giving the mandate to law professor Mr Conte after a meeting that lasted for almost two hours.

Mr Conte has accepted the President’s offer saying that he will be “the defence attorney of Italians”.

Claiming his government will be one “of change”, he added: “The President and I spoke about the difficult phase Italy has been going through in the past months and the challenges ahead of us.

“And I am aware Italy needs to confirm European and international obligations.

“The next government will have to start negotiating immediately over the European budget, the asylum rights and the banking union.

“It’s my intention to work hard on this by building alliances and operating to defend the national interest.”

Mr Conte also said he would need a few days to draw up a list of ministers for his administration, which will be backed by anti-establishment Five Star Movement and anti-immigration party Lega, who put forward his name.

He doesn’t hold any elected position and has no political or management experience.


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