Is Mueller Probe Suborning Perjury?

People with integrity, the kind of integrity we’re told Mueller has in abundance, would have immediately seen what’s gone on and brought a stop to all this. But no. That’s not what happened.
People with integrity, the kind of integrity we’re told Mueller has in abundance, would have immediately seen what’s gone on and brought a stop to all this. But no. That’s not what happened.

RUSH: Folks, this that we have learned in the last couple of days — actually not learned. Confirmed. Because I have suspected that this Mueller investigation is itself its own version of a hoax, precisely because there isn’t a crime to investigate, and there never has been a crime to investigate.

Now, all this time from the beginning of the Mueller investigation we have been told that there’s nobody, nobody in Washington who has the integrity of Robert Mueller. Nobody has the kind of honor and decency as Robert Mueller. Well, I’m here to tell you that I don’t see a shred of evidence of that. The Mueller investigation is a joke. Sadly, it’s not a joke to the people that it is ruining. But now some people who are involved in this investigation are starting to speak out and divulge the tactics and the techniques that the Mueller investigation is using.

I’ve quoted from the book by Sidney Powell, License to Lie. It’s about the Enron task force and the prosecutorial misconduct there and the Ted Stevens case, the prosecutorial misconduct there. Many of those lawyers led by Andrew Weissmann are on the Mueller team of prosecutors. These are people who suborned perjury of their own star witnesses in the Ted Stevens trial, which was thrown out by a judge once he learned what was going on.

I don’t know how these people remain in the Justice Department or sanctioned by the bar to practice law, after the things they have been found guilty of doing. The Supreme Court overturned four of the five Enron convictions. Four of the five! Prosecutorial misconduct. And it is rampant.

Let me give you an example. Jerome Corsi. How many of you have ever heard of Jerome Corsi? How many of you have ever heard of Roger Stone? You may have heard of Roger Stone. Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi have as much do with Russian collusion as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. And yet they have become the latest central players in Mueller’s attempt to somehow suggest that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia.

So let me tell you. Corsi was on Tucker’s show last night on Fox. Corsi has written for World Net Daily. He’s written some books. He’s, I don’t know, close to 80. The idea that Jerome Corsi has anything to do with this is literally absurd! But because they think they found a connection between Corsi and Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and the Podesta emails – wait a minute. What happened to Trump colluding with Putin? What happened to the Russians tampering with votes? What happened to the Russians colluding the — what is this about WikiLeaks and all these people supposedly connected to WikiLeaks?

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Watch The Big Picture:

Jack’s Note:

Since the above video was made the situation has only gotten worse and will continue to unless changes in the countries these emigrants are coming from are made. That can happen if there is the will but it won’t be peaceful and a lot of thugs are going to die along the way. I doubt they will be missed and it would appear, at least to me, that sooner or later this is going to happen because there is no other long lasting solution I can see.  In short it is not a matter of ‘if’…it is a matter of ‘when’… and the sooner the better in my view.

Closer to home and in the lead entry I’m uncertain Rush clearly understands what he is bitching about. Also the image is not accurate (although it get’s the idea across) in that Treason would not be the proper charge in most offenses currently being committed by the Mueller probe in the name of justice.  There are lesser offenses that do apply. 

In most nations who follow British law (and the U.S. is one of them) suborning perjury is a crime – Sub link # 1 gives the definition. In my personal view President Trump would be within his rights to order the Mueller inquiry ended immediately simply for that reason…crimes are being committed…and to hell with all the screams that would result. Further, a new inquiry under a trusted prosecutor (I’m thinking Joe diGenova) should be ordered simply because it appears more and more likely that Robert Mueller and his team are ‘dirty cops’ protecting the Clinton’s and Obama and the longer this mess continues the more likely it is that said team and many of their helpers will continue to dig their own graves…to the point that many, if not all, will end up in jail for life.  This must be stopped, as much for their protection as that of the public they are misleading.

Suborning perjury is a criminal offense (remember that the people doing this are lawyers) but that is just the tip of the iceberg. My view is that many more crimes will be uncovered if such an investigation is undertaken using what is available to get things started (the perjury issue) and ONE MORE THING.  I wish to make the point that NOBODY under U.S. law is exempt from prosecution. All are equal. That includes the Clinton’s who started this mess and Obama who facilitated it.  If a proper investigation reveals they committed crimes they should be indicted (all of them) and tried in accordance with existing law both Federal and State. 

‘Equality under the law’ demands it. 

Otherwise, there is no law…and that appears to be what is happening at this time.

End of message…


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