Iran Protest

In the wake of Iran’s 12th presidential election on May 19, 2017, there were protests in Iran. But they went much further than just the home country. Canadians held simultaneous protests in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver to denounce the sham election and the mullahs’ ongoing violations of human rights in Iran.

The protests occurred in Ottawa outside parliament, in Toronto in Mel Lastman Square, in Montreal at the city center, and in Vancouver in front of the Art Gallery at the city center. Demonstrators held banners reading “Stop Executions in Iran.” “No to Sham Election,” “No to Rouhani Imposter,” “No to Raisi mass killer of 1988,” “Our vote is regime change,” “Free all political prisoners” and“This is a selection, not an election.”.

One graduate student who helped organize the demonstration said: “The Iranian political system is not democratic and today’s election was neither free nor fair. In Iran, the Supreme Leader [Ali] Khamenei, stands at the apex of Iran’s complex political dictatorship. He is the most powerful of Iran’s four major governing bodies, the Supreme Leader and the Council of Guardians, are not elected by the general population and power of the president is secondary to the Supreme Leader, who is an unelected head of state.


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