Intel report leaked to press ‘incomplete,’ open source


Trump administration officials believe that a Department of Homeland Security report that undercut the president’s position on his travel ban was drafted with the express intent of leaking it to the press, a source close to the department says.

The source said the report was drafted by those loyal to the Obama administration inside the department’s office of intelligence and analysis. The drafters relied solely on open source material, which meant it could be delivered to reporters without violating federal laws on mishandling classified information.

“This was not really a leak but sabotage,” the source said. “This report was commentary. This is insurrection. They all took an oath.”

The leak to The Associated Press appears to follow a pattern of suspected Obama loyalists still inside the government releasing draft documents that are immediately refuted by the White House, such as a supposed plan to mobilize the National Guard to arrest illegal criminal immigrants.

In an executive order, President Trump sought a temporary ban on immigration from seven countries deemed a high terrorism risk. A federal appeals court blocked the order.

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IMO Obama is orchestrating sabotage on the Trump Presidency and from within his newly fortified bunker in Washington. His top Iranian general Valerie Jarett has even recently moved into the bunker. If not to have her as close to the war room as possible then how f’ing weird is that? Every success Trump realizes is a failure for Obama’s legacy which is much more important to him than America’s future. Obama’s failure is also a failure for every. Hillary’s defeat translated into ‘full stop’ for their eagerly anticipated coup de grâce for America. The bottom line is that when Trump… Read more »


All of the Obama fifth columnist saboteurs should be weeded out and fired as soon as possible.