Insurance Ripoff?

A study from Allstate Insurance shows Brampton and Mississauga are among the 20 most unsafe cities in Canada to drive in, measured by collision claims frequency.

In its 2017 Safe Driving Study, Allstate says Brampton has the sixth highest frequency of collision claims per 100 cars, with a percentage of 7.61 within the last two years. That mark increased by nine per cent since 2015, the last time the study was conducted.

As well, Mississauga has the 20th highest collision claim rate at 6.76 per cent, up seven per cent since 2015.

Ninety-three cities from four provinces (Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) were included in the study. The five safest driving cities, Hammer, Ont., Spruce Grove, Alta., Chelmsford, Ont., Lethbridge, Alta. and Medicine Hat, Alta., all had a collision claims frequency under four per cent.

Halifax was deemed the most unsafe city to drive in, followed by Ajax, North York, Scarborough and Caledon.

The study also indicated that most collision claims come on Friday, followed by Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday, Saturday and Sunday.

February had the highest amount of collision claims this year at 6.8 per cent while April had the lowest at 5.2.


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