If Trump Calls

Memo from Justin Trudeau to all staff: “If Trump calls, I’M NOT IN!”

And who could blame our plucky PM?

In a dizzying few hours this week, Donald Trump has rewritten the book on American diplomacy. Rewritten? Hell, he’s ripped it up, burned it, spit on it and flung it in the swamp.

There is more Marquis de Sade than Marquess of Queensberry about the Donald’s statesmanship.

First, he reportedly hangs up on Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull in a spat over refugees. Turnbull insists America take 1,250 folks from Syria and Iraq who are now in Australia’s off-shore island detention camps. Barack Obama agreed to take them, and Turnbull told Trump on the phone that a deal’s a deal, mate.

“Rack off,” Trump responded, or words to that effect, accusing the Aussies of trying to send him “the next Boston bombers.”

The new leader of the free world abruptly ended the phone call early, according to media reports.

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