Horror Story

A Dutch doctor carrying out a lethal injection on an elderly woman ordered her family to restrain her when she resisted, creating what even euthanasia advocates called a “horrible picture.”

The case has been documented by a regional review board in the Netherlands, reported the National Catholic Register, which noted the church “has always considered euthanasia, like suicide, a ‘gravely evil choice,’ while allowing that grave fear of hardship, suffering or torture can lessen the responsibility of persons who take their own life.”

The church’s catechism bluntly states, “All those who knowingly and willingly perform or assist in carrying out the act of terminating the patient’s life have committed murder.”

The case in Amsterdam, the report said, is one of several similar instances of resistance, including “a sex-abuse victim in her 20s, a 41-year-old alcoholic, a woman with ringing in her ears and now an Alzheimer’s patient.”

The woman in Amsterdam, whose name was not released, was in her 70s.

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