Heavy Weather

Some discerning Democrats are at last telling the party chiefs that the party has no message to take to the hustings next year. That may be a misreading of the stars, Nancy Pelosi’s horoscope and Chuck Schumer’s tea leaves.

The problem for the Democrats, clear to everyone with battered ears and weary eyes, is that the Democrats have too many messages, and none of them good. That’s why they’ve been skunked in a series of special elections held to fill House seats vacated by members moving on to bigger things in the Trump administration.

Some of the Democratic messages, which have been dispatched with such sound and fury are that “straight” folks and particularly straight white men, are so bad they’re not entitled to rights, civil or otherwise. Cops are all bad because they’ve set out to wipe out black folks, and therefore it’s OK to kill as many cops as possible.

Free speech is cool, and everyone should be able to say anything, anywhere, as long as it’s approved by the liberal canon, except that it’s not cool to say “liberal” anymore because somebody stunk up the word and all the liberals are now “progressives.” It’s OK to attack someone who says anything that would upset a college sophomore because sophomores deserve space where they are not likely to meet anyone with a different point of view. Isn’t that guaranteed in the Constitution?

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Re#10. Where are the so far invisible legions of so-called moderate Muslims the rest of us are told over and over exist? When are they going to stand up en masse in their own defense? Because they are not they should be aware of a belief in the west that “he who is silent is taken to agree”.