Hapless Sajjan

The Canadian government, despite all of its rhetoric about Boeing no longer being a trusted a defence partner, still plans this fall to review a U.S. government offer to purchase Super Hornet jet fighters from the company.

That offer has to be delivered, and several sources close to the file in Washington and Ottawa say no formal notice has been sent to the Pentagon indicating that Canada is no longer interested in the stopgap purchase.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan was pressed on that point during a conference call with reporters Thursday, where he re-emphasized the Liberal government is looking at “other options” to fill an urgent requirement for the warplanes.

“It’s very clear we’re sending a strong message,” Sajjan said. “Having said that, the process [to acquire interim fighters] is taking place.”

Public Works and Procurement Services was asked on Thursday about the status of any potential withdrawal notice, but an official wouldn’t comment and only pointed to the department’s web site, which says the federal government is still awaiting Washington’s formal response.

It also says, when the offer arrives this fall, it “will be reviewed” but that “Canada is under no obligation to purchase” the jets.

Government-to-government offers always have an expiration date.


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Sajjan is a proven liar. A military low life as Defence Minister. A fella who should have been demoted to limousine driver when he got caught lying about his military record. Sajjan insulted the very troops he was appointed to represent. It was he alone who more than once lied. Honourable soldiers call what he did “stolen valor”. A most despicable act. As despicable and dishonourable as an imposter wearing another soldier’s uniform As wearing someone else’s medals. Way to go, Sajjan. Yet despite all of that Trudeau kept him around. Affirmative action. Priority…..voter block before country. Once someone is… Read more »